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The 2 tv-shows, that I forgot to mention to be my faforites also.

Tiedosto:Monk title card.png
From the Finnish Wikipedia-page of the series.

I think that this show is one of the most funniest detective-series there is. That`s mostly because of Adrian Monk ( Tony Shalhoub, who obviously really likes the character ), the main protagonist of the series. Monk is a man who has a phobia of...pretty much everything. He`s also a perfectionist, and a polite, nice person, who gets your sympathy, if you`re not an idiot. But, why is he a detective? Because he notices almost everything. If a murderer threw a matchstick to ground 11 hours ago, Monk will find out who it was, and why he did it. Well, that was an overstatement. Let`s say that he has the crimesolving level of Sherlock Holmes. Monks wife is dead, and her murder is at first, unsolved.

The other people of the show are also great. There`s Monks assistant, police commisioner Leland Stottlemeyer, who`s funny `cause he usually is guite strict and a police, Randy. He`s funny, `cause he`s Randy. All the actors of the show also do/did a fantastic job.

what`s great about the series, are also the little things:
-It has an intro in every episode, during what the murder usually happends.
-Every episode is named like this: Mr. Monk buys a house, or Mr. Monk and the critic etc. etc.
This gives the show a sophisticatically schematic feel, and when you think about it, isn`t that a big part of who Monk is like?
-The themesong is really great. It`s so, great, that sometimes I sing it out myself.

All the music of the show, by the way, is really great too.
Like the visuals also.

What`s bad about it? Hmm... the second part of the first twoparter episode, stumbled to the fact that it was a little too dark, and a little too clicheic. Also, the world of Monk is filled with rudeness, but so is this world.

All in all, this is a good show.

When I`m gonna see the last episode of the series, I`m probably gonna cry a little.


From Wikipedia, once again.

This was made by the Simpsons makers, so of course it`s great. But, what makes it really great, is that it`s Simpsons-like humorous the future! When you`re really upset of a Simpsons episode, watch Futurama. Oh, and the voiceacting is great also.

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  1. two great shows! Futurama and Monk! (both of them I like to watch)

  2. It`s great that you agree with me, Mr. Britt.