keskiviikko 24. elokuuta 2011

Thoughts about the Vertigo series, that I`ve been reading as TPB-books.

1. It`s Vertigo, so it`s good.
2. The covers are awesome.
3. The art is awesome. Or guite good.
4. The writing many times makes me feel that it has been written before, but these days, what wouldn`t?
5. It`s got a basic theme, and it`s stories.
6. The characters curse too much.
7. It`s got alot of dastards. Main characters dad is a dastard, the villains are dastards, evn some of the heroes are a little dastardous.
8. The charcters are a little clichéíc.
9. It`s depressing and sad.
10. It`s got light moments.
11. It`s gotten alot of praise.
12. It`s a fantasy comic.
13. There dies alot of people.
14. The evil organisation that`s the main baddie is actually really cool. But I think that it`s first leader shouldn`t have been someone we have met already. But what you gonna do?
15. One of my faforite stories of this series is a story, that`s direction you can partially choose. I like those.
16. The colors are really bagging great.
17. One of it`s main protagonist is little bit like Harry Potter.

So, do you know what I mean?

The answer is this.

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