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My faforite tv-shows (part 2).

It`s time to continue.

5.Spectacular Spiderman

This is the best Spider-man tv-show. Well, at least I think so. Also many others. It has Spidey as a teenager, fighting villains, being witty and also tragig. It`s true to comics, but also makes it`s own world. It takes best pieces from the comics, really. It`s also visually great, has great voice acting and naturally a cameo from Stan Lee! Too bad that it`s a childrens action tv-show, cause there`s something missing from it: maturity. Maturity is something that Spider-man mythos should have. But if it doesn`t bother you much (I don`t get bothered of it so much), this is pure gold for you. Oh, and by the way, it has really great plots too.
4.Batman: Brave and the bold

At first I thought that this wouldn`t be good. But I was, of course, wrong. I mean, look at it! It`s got -40`s,
-50`s and 2000`s Batman in one awesome package! Also bits from all the other eras! It`s got two stories in every episode (one in the intro and the main story)!  It`s got silly and great villains! It`s got not-so-brutal-and-grumpy-Batman! It`s got Bat-mite, heroes (from almost every deceat of DC-comics, and even those created by Jack Kirby), humour and it`s named after a 70`s DC-comic! The voice acting, animation, plots and cha-racterisation are top-notch! But it`s also realistically unrealistic and many times has emotional moments and drama! It`s so great that I have to use shouting marks, to describe it`s ultimately mind staggering superness! Some of it`s episodes were written by Paul Dini, J. M. Dematteis and probably many more greatly great comic-writers! Not bad for a kids show, huh? Which, by the way, is it`s only (minor) fault. It feels like a kids show. But mostly like a Batman-fans show.      

3.Batman: The animated series
Lopputeksteissä esiintynyt logo
From the Finnish Batman-article on Wikipedia.
The best Batman show. Ever.

Oh, so I have to explain why? Okay. These are the reasons:
-Batman is in this show, dark. But not too dark. He`s actually kind in many parts of the show. I like that.
-It`s got all the Batman villains you can hope for. Well, all that many can hope for (including me).
-None (or almost everyone) of the characters in the show aren`t out of characterisation.
-It`s fun. Especially the Joker. HAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAH!
-Voice acting is masterious.
-Takes bits from every Batman era.
-Many great characters ( Harley Quinn) first appeared in this show.
-Plots are stupendously great.
-Animation is ( I`m running out of adjectives) vigorious.
-It spin-offed two movies.
-It`s the best of all of WB-shows. Period.
What`s bad about?
There was an episode that gets only 2 stars from me, and many of the episodes are 3/5.
That`s it.



Sorry Batman, but you just can`t beat a childhood faforite ( I`ve seen Batman shows after I saw Moomin, starting from (about) age of ten ). This is the first of my faforite shows I`ve ever seen. It`s based on a comic, and is therefore, visually beautiful. It`s mature and childish at the same time, it`s peaceful and adventuristic, and well... I just dig this show. So much.
What`s bad about it? At many points of the series, Moomin cause really dangerous things. But luckily, noone is fatally injured.

1.The Simpsons

I`ve told why this is my faforite show already, so I`ll link to those ones instead.
To me, this show doesn`t get old. I think.

Well, that was that.
Bye bye!

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