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My faforite tv-shows (part 1)

So, a few months ago (yes, it has been that long), as everyone who follows my blog freguently (meaning myself) knows, I told why I like The Simpsons so much. Now I`m gonna tell you more tv-related information about myself. And if you read the title, you know what it is.

8.Married...with children

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So, why? `cause it`s one of the most earliest tv-shows I`ve liked, and for a good reason. It tells of the life of an awful family, with realisticity and weirdness. Much like the Simpsons. Except that the Bundys are more awful. And seemingly, so are everyone else in the show. So much actually, that sometimes I`d like to watch them burn (the characters, not the actors).
Naturally, my faforite character is Al. So, what I like most about the show, is how twisted it is. Too bad that the tv-channel in what the show aired, has "only"
showed the 5 first seasons of the show.  
UPDATE: I`ve remembered that the remaining 6 seasons have indeed been shown in my country.


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Patrick Jane ( Simon Baker ) is a crimesolving, obsessed and charismatic man. A mentalist actually (wiki it up). His archenemy is a serial killer Red John (with good reason), and he spends time with a CBI-group that has many great characters also (who are acted guite greatly). Like House, this show is also actually guite funny. Even if it does have alot of murders and stuff like that. The most unlikable part of the show is that there seems to be ALOT of murders, and that sometimes the characters do snarky things. The show is also intelli-gently subtle in many themes, and Baker smiles so adorably that you just seem to HAVE to smile with him.    


This show tells of a Sherlock Holmes-like, sarcastic, and many times even anti-heroic doctor. He`s been acted by a talented man ( Hugh Laurie) who doesn`t think that he`s talented. The show has great characters, plots and jokes, and all the actors in it do a fantastic job.  What i don`t like about the series though, is the evil side of House. Yet, I like that also. 
Have you heard Hugh Laurie play any instruments? Well, if you haven`t, you can hear him play in House! And he plays fantastically (My guess is that he wanted to be a rock star as a teenager. Or maybe he just loves to play music.)

Well, because I`m getting a little weary to write this thing, the first part ends here. See ya in the funny pages!

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  1. I've have enjoyed the Mentalist. Very enertaining show.

    i haven't actully seen that much of House, but have heard of the similaries to my favorite detective, Sherlock holmes