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Sort of a review of the comic "The shadow of my friend".

Hi everyone. so, today I``ll write that what the title says.

The cover

It tells you precisely what the story includes. A woman and her shadow (who is guite funny). Even if there isn`t so much action in the cover, and both women are standing still, it`s a beautiful cover.


It begins by telling you that the girl in the cover (whos name isn`t told to us) doesn`t have friends. Then her shadow starts to live. She has jolly good time with her, and there`s even a suprise in the end of the story. It may suprise you, or it may not.

Plot and the art

The plot of the comic is like rest of the comic. Pretty, sort of sad and fragile. But it also has fun parts in it.
The whole story is portrayed realistically. The art is pretty also, and fairly great. It has taken time to draw the story, as you can already see from the cover. Also, note that all the characters regain their shapes from panel to panel. None of the heads grow bigger, or shrink down, no character grows a few inches from the last panel etc. etc. Muhonen can draw really well animated characters, which is good if you draw a comic. Or an animation.

Bad about this story

Well, nothing else I guess than the fact that the shadow mentions that she`s a transvestite, even if there isn`t any signs about it. It`s not really that bad, but it`s confusing. Or maybe I just can`t notice the signs.

What`s guite great about it
It`s written in both Finnish and english language. In the same book!
You can buy the book from Adlibris, Kirjasampo and

Do you want to see more of the book? Okay.

 Panel 1:
-How can you eat so much salmiakki*?
-How else do you think that I can keep staying so black?
Panel 2:
-By the way, why are you always so black? Couldn`t you be for example happily yellow?
Dangerously red?
Or serenely blue?


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