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The return of Väinämöinen.

Väinämöinen is the main character in the finnish epic Kalevala, but he`s also a comic-character, who had his own comic. It was made by Petri Hiltunen. It`s a great comic.

-I have returned!
From kvaak. fi.

It starts with Väinämöinen returning. He`s welcomed back to Finland, because he is the greatest mythical hero  Finland has. He faces the dangers of modern days ( for example, internet to what he gets addicted to, tabloids that start to write about him, and  loose-moraled Jabe the Menninkäinen*, who friends with Väinämöinen ) and also its good things (many things that he liked have still stayed the same, and sometimes things are less violent). He also becomes a singer, a star in an animated film and gets a girlfriend (actually she`s a woman).

Väinämöinen is someone who loves nature, singing and peace. He has special powers, like super strenght and singing beings to the swamps. He is also somewhat innocent, even if he has for example tryed to force a woman to marry him, and robbed Sampo** during Kalevala.

During the series, many characters join the roster of the comic. For example, scientist Seppo Ilmarinen Jr. who is the son of väinämöisens buddy (seppo Ilmarinen), a hedgehog who likes beer and chips and a ghost. There`s also visits by Santa claus, aliens and greek gods.

In the end, this comic is realistic and un-realistic at the same time, `cause it tells of the daily life of  a god-like being in the Finland of the 21st century. It also teaches facts about life, and has at least made me laugh many times real loud. If those aren`t the signs of a great comic, you can hit me in the head. Actually, I won`t let you.

Update: None of the strips have been published nowhere else but Scandinavia. Sorry.

* sort of a leprechaun
** a mill that can create barley, salt and gold

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