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My love for the songs of Leevi and the Leevings.

Leevi and the leavings is a band which is my faforite band ever. The band is Finish, and the songs it has are the best ones I`ve heard.

They started in the 80`s. They started to get really famous in the 90`s. They didn`t have alot of money `cause during the 90`s, Finish bands usually wouldn`t have so much money. Not that they would`ve even wanted to get truckloads of it, or be too famous. Especially Gösta sundgvist. The bands heart.

What gösta did, was making all the lyrics ( I find pretty much all of them 5/5 points lyrics ) and singing (although, few of the other bandmemebers sung and sing in some songs too). He also had the melodys in his head, and those of the band who play the instuments got those melodies out of his head.

The songs the band plays, are usually about day-to-day life heroes. Like for example crazy people, violators, drubks and those of us who get many of the punches of bad luck. The songs also tell of people in love, and the state of nature and humanity. And it`s all realistic and beatiful.

Gösta Sundgvist was (yes, he`s indeed dead) a wise and regular man. He had a family, who he loved. He had a job as a janitor and member of the band. He used much of his freetime to football (something I don`t like personally), and who had his own problems. Like the fact that he had a little bit too much weight than he should`ve, and that he smoked cigarets. But enough about that. The point is, I love the songs of the band.

Some of you are possibly thinking (if there is anyone to read this): What has this gotta do with comics?
The answer: I  want to make a comic of the band (with someone who can write). And also a comic of Gösta.

Here`s a song by the band. Even if you don`t understand the words, you can still enjoy it. Right?


PS. The rest of the band has made a comeback. Just wanted you to know.

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