torstai 19. toukokuuta 2011

Viivi and Wagner

They are a finish couple. There`s something different about them though. Viivi is a human woman, and Wagner is a pig. sounds like a sitcom, doesn`t it? It`s far from that. Check it out.

Panel 1:
-Wagner, what`s this?                  
Panel 2:  
-A dirty coffeecup, what else?                                               
   - Hasn`t it been agreed, that all the dishes have to be cleaned after using them?                                               
Panel 3:  
-  Viivi has a dirty coffeecup neurosis.

Panel 1:
-It`s good, that I don`t have to go                                  
Panel 2:
-To store!
Panel 3: 
-I must really love that woman.

Panel 1:
-What do you hope of this    
Panel 2:
-I didn`t understand the guestion. 
Panel 3:
-Sometimes I wonder why I even try.
-Good pulla*.

Panel 1: No dialogue.
Panel 2: Viivi: What will we do when we`re old?
Panel 3: Wagner: You`ll nid a sock. I`ll focus on  being fat. What else?

So, as an overview, Viivi and Wagner makes a little fun of normal Finish life. Yes, our lives are that "joyless".

Time to tell about the two lead characters.
-Wagner likes beer.
-He also farts.
-He`s guite childish (like me). For example, looks the world with childs eyes (metaforically).
-he sometimes reads XXX-magazines, even if Viivi is in the same room.
-He trys to act manly, but like all men, wants a gentle hug once in a while.
-She`s a vegetarian.
-And a college student (about 20 or so years by now).
-she`s sometimes shown completely naked in some strips (when she`s in a shower for example.)
-She loves Wagner (obvious).
-She trys to keep Wagner in conntrol, but sometimes fails at this.

Unfortunately, Wagner hasn`t been englished. Bye bye!
*Pulla is a Finish pastry.

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