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It`s probably the most well known Finnish comic. Heres a pic from one of the Moomin adventures.

The pic is from foundationbristol.org.

It`s also one of the most earliest Finnish comics.  One of the most greatest ones too. Maybe the most greatest. There are usually panels like THIS in the adventures.

This pic is from drawnandguarterly.com.

Because Moomin is guite aged as a comic, a little history may be necessary. Moomin were created by Tove and Lars Janson (both are dead by now, may they rest in peace), who were swedish-finnish people. The pre-Moomin design was created by Tove, who drew "a moomin troll" to a wall of an outhouse (an outdor wc, like you all probably know) when he was a little girl, during 1930`s. But it wasn`t until years later that Tove started to draw akvarels including Moomintrolls, and write storybooks of Moomin (they weren`t comics, but the kind of books with mostly words in it, and probably some drawings). The first Moomin comic is "Moomintroll and the worlds end", before what there was a book with the same name. It`s basic plot goes like this. A comet is gonna crash to Moominvalley (in where most of the Moomin-adventures take place), and everyone are preparing to the end. Luckily, the comet doesn`t crash to the valley after all. Sorry for spoiling the ending. There has also been a remake of the story later in the series. And also has been moviefied.
After 13 Moominventures (1954-1957), Tove realised that she didn`t want to plot, write and draw the comic anymore, because it was too timetaking for her (it did appear 5-6 days a week in the newspaper*). After that, Lars took the job. He made 60 moominventures (with Tove helping him with the process)! From 1957 to 1975! Wow! Spidey was still a dodler in 1957. Anyway, after Lars guit making the comic, there has been various TVshows of the Moomins, and even new comics.

But what`s is so fascinating about Moomin?
What a silly guestion. But I`ll answer anyway, with a list (it`s easy to make lists).
-It`s timeless. Or actually, it has many parts from different times. Cowboys, timemachines, pirates...anything that`s great!
-The whole Moomin world is suprisingly tragicomic.
-The characters have zany personalities. For example Vilijonkka, who doesn`t want her children to play, and thinks that everything should be boring as long as it`s civilized.
-Snork-maiden, muumintrolls girlfriend has had many crushes over the years, and the two still haven`t broken up. Which is logical, given the fact that this is a weird universe/comic.
- In these early adventures, there is actually licker, and talks of murders (even if noone gets murdered, which is good).
-The comic also has kings, ghosts and monsters.

If you`ve understood, that Moomin is a great comicseries of my unprofessionally rambling, you should check out from a library near you, if there`s an english edition there. English editions have been puplished, and you can also buy a few from Amazon if you want to.
Bye bye! 

Some bits of info were taken from  wikipedia (but not copied).   

*It`s hard work, especially if it`s an ongoing newspaperseries.

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