lauantai 28. toukokuuta 2011

Isn`t it great to read comics that are written in your own language?

Mostly, when a comic is made and it has written words in it, it`s written with the language of its writer. If the writer is an English, an American or Australian person, it`s written in English. If the writer is a finish person, it`s written in finish. Although, it`s not completely impossible that no matter what country someone is from, the comic might still be written in some other kind of language that the writer speaks and writes. And sometimes comics are translated from the original language. And that is great. That`s how, if you don`t know how to speak and/or write (for example) french, you`ll have a chance to read a comic anyway. That`s great. But even if you could understand french, it`s still great to read it in your own language. Same for any comics. Because, when you read something in your own language, it`s more easier to understand (most likely). That`s why, there should be great comics translated more and more. Thus, I`ve written!

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