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I haven`t read alot of Nemi.

You probably haven`t even heard of Nemi if you`re not from Scandinavia. Well, this is a pic of her.
From Comicvine, this picture is from!

As can be seen, she`s a goth girl. She`s also a... look, I haven`t really read Nemi so much. I don`t actually know so much about her (but I do like her). Maybe these comic strips can help you understand.Obviously she doesn`t strip in them. Sorry, bad joke, bad joke.
But before the comics, here`s some trivia.
*Her real name is Nemi Montoya (it`s probable that she`s changed her name to that).
*Her most visible fan in the wonderful world of Comicvine is SC.
*Her comic isn`t only funny, but sometimes makes you feel and think about really important things. This is something I admire about any kind of comics. Especially those that are being puplished in Newspapers.


( The bluehaired girl is her best friend, by the way.)

All the strips are from Nemi respect thread in (you guessed it) Comicvine.

This is from

This pic is from hurmiontytä

I hope you people got somekind of sense of what kind of a character Nemi is. If you`re interested to buy comics of her, there`s lots of albums full of strips `bout her. You can actually buy any of those, not even caring about in which order you read them. Isn`t it great? Oh, and if you`re not from Scandinavia, I can happily say that Amazon has many/all volumes. Happy time to you when you read her comics (actually, they`re really made by Lise Myhre.). If you read them. which you should do.

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