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This is a comic by Pertti Jarla. It`s most inner essence is, that it`s got jokes that take things literally ( like the first one) and comics that have a doublemeaning ( and not always about that, what people think so many times a day*).

(Reads in the sign.) Give a money.               -Some Foreigner has taken my job.
This is from the website of Helsingin**. 

-This says that Davinci invented the helicopter!  
You can see from the pic itself where this is from.

-Heil Hitler! You can`t smoke here!                        -This is total fasism!
This is from

There are some great characters in Fingerpori. For example, Rivo/dirty-Riitta (mostly, anything that she says, has dual meaning), Heimo Vesa(the guy who spoke the most in the second strip), Irma Kääriäinen (his wive) and Allan Kurma(a regular bachelor, to who odd things happend).

I would like to write also, that none of these strips aren`t supposed to be insulting, but humorous. If you don`t
find these humorous, then it`s too bad.

None of the volumes can be found from

See ya (metaforically)!

*I`m, of course, meaning TV-shows.
**One of Finlands biggest newspapers.

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