tiistai 10. toukokuuta 2011

Cursing hedgehog

I guess you haven`t seen this guy if you`re not from skandinavia. He`s the Cursing hedgehog, and was created by Milla "I just cant draw*" Paloniemi. A fantastic artist by the way.
Here are some more pics of the hedgehog.

The pic is from Satuarkku.fi (another online store). The hedgehog shouts: SCRAM!!

And this pic has him actually cursing.

-Look out! A fox!!                             -Oh, that one. Don`t worry,     -WHAT?! OH HELL!
-Wah?                                                it`s dead...                              -Yup.
This strip is from Milla Paloniemis own, www.kiroilevasiili.com-site. It`s written in finish.

I like the character alot, and know these things about him.
-He curses. Alot.
-He has friends, a girlfriend, and a mother.
-He is also sensitive.
-He`s...I actually said everything you need to know...

Now, the thing is this: If like cursing hedgehog, you can only find albums about him in Scandianavia. Well, mostly. Not even from Amazon.com you cant buy the books. I`m sorry. But if you liked what you saw, you can always click here. It`s, as I said, written in finish, but you can always watch the pics.
Oh, and Paloniemi has also got a site named (En vaan) OSAAn! You can click here to get there.

Bye bye!

*Her words, not mine.**

**except that I can`t draw, as you`ve probably seen.

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