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Amazing spiderman issue from the year 2010, and some thoughts about it.

(Sorry that I haven`t had the time to write anything. Now, let`s roll.)

This pic is from the trusty site of comicvine.

It`s issue 620. The last issue of Mysterios comeback after about a deceat. It`s fairly good I guess, since the team that made it is really talented. After all, it`s written by Dan "dancing" Slott, and drawn by Marcos "artistic" Martin and Javier "beatiful art" Pulido. The storyline isn`t bad, art definetly isn`t bad, but it feels somewhat clicheic. I give this ish 4/5 stars, and I also have a few things to write about it.
1. Even if this issue has two pencillers/artists, it isn`t a bother. The reason is, that even if Pulido and Martin have different art styles, they fit together really good. At some points, I don`t didn`t even know which of these guys drew which part of the story. That may sound bad, but in this case it`s a plus.
2. I don`t want to blame Marcos Martin or anyone else, that two guys drew this. after all, it seems to be that Mr. Martin can draw two 22-page stories a month (or does he draw those during a month?), and then alittle more. I`d say that it`s guite an achievement. Besides, this kind of thing hasn`t happened often. If I know correctly, only once before. And that was ASM # 590-591, when the Fantastic four were seen in the mag again after some time. There was 4 pencillers at least. Get it? The Fantastic FOUR. Heh. Well I think it`s funny...
3. ASM remains to be awesome!
4. I was a little worried that Mysterio would wear this costume during the story a little bit more. I mean, it looks cool, but it`s not as cool as the classical one.

The pic is from Or from Imageshack.
5. Mysterio probably kills more people in this story than he ever has before in his life.
6.This ish has alot of villains. not only Mysterio, but also Mr. Negative, inner demons and Hammerhead (who`s in a surgery.).

Ok, nothing else to write about this ish. Again, sorry I kept you waiting. Though you probably have done something better with your time than reading this blog.

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