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Moebius and Silver surfer. There, that title ought to get attention.

Moebius has made exactly one Silver surfer story (in 2 parts). It`s about 50 pages long, and was written by... stan Lee! Wow! They already got me to buy it with the name Moebius. Sounds guite awesome doesnt it? Possibly `cause it is! The story is called Parable.

The Silver Surfer #2 - Comic Book Cover
The covers are drawn by moebius, and are from Comicvine.

It`s one of the best Silver surfer stories ( sometimes I wonder if it`s possible to make a bad SS-story ), possibly `cause ìt has so awesome/great creators. And one of the editors was Archie Goodwin!

I`m not gonna tell the whole plot to you, because I just don`t wanna. But I`ll tell a bit of it. (SPOILERS, NATURALLY.)
 It all starts with a ship landing to earth. Later it is found out that, there`s noone else in the ship than... Galactus!!!!!!! Oh no! He`s´gonna eat the planet! Or is he...? Apparently not. He just stands there, for reasons yet unknown. and the, many people render him as a god. If he tells the people to forget the laws they themselves made, the people do that. And soon, there`s madness everywhere. And who can save the day? I think you know the answer. But I won` tell anything else.

Now, I bet you wonder why, for example, Avengers or FF didn`t show up. I have two theories:
1. Stan "the man" Lee tells in his foreword, that this story happends in the future. well, because this story was done in the year `88, the future, which Lee wrote about, could be 15 years ago. And 15 years ago, many of Marvels faforite heroes were transported to a pocket dimension `cause of Onslaught. It might be, that during the heroes absence, Galactus came to earth for a visit. That way, at least something good would`ve become of the Onslaught-story. Or, does someone like that story? In that case I take it back. It actually could be that I would like it if I`d actually read it. But I won`t.
2. The whole story might happend in another universe. I´d be okay with that, but would want it to be in regular Marvel U.

If you don`t believe that this story is great, you only have to write "Silver surfer parable" to Google or something else like that. You`ll find plenty of reviews of it. But don`t spoil the plot from yourself. OK? Good.

Well, nothing else to write right now. So, remember to read blogs, soar the sky, and read Odysseia during the weekend. Ok, you don`t have to do the last one.

1. 2. 2014
 I know that it`s unfair to note this about a text that I wrote 2 years and 10 months ago (Approximately, because of course there`s always days and hours you need to take in to account. But I find it confusing* and not interesting enough. So I don`t care.)...but this is a horrible review.

I will note though, that I still like the way Parable looks, and I can`t comment on Lees writing (of dialogue, not the plot, which I did know even when I wrote this for the first time) that much, since I haven`t read it in a while. I do remember that it has (probably) the best dialogue Lee has ever written (or maybe the more humorous pieces of the 21st century are better). Perhaps that doesn`t mean much to you.

I`m not gonna fix the covers.

* = Because I don`t care to think of it, and `cause not every month has thirty days. Making counting them unreliable.

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