maanantai 28. maaliskuuta 2011

So, my first blog (in this life and universe)!

Hello everyone! Is there anyone in this blog? Well, I guess I`ll find out sooner or later. Anyway, this blog ( as you most probably saw already) is called "Again, another website about comics." That pretty much describes it. Why is it about comics (and comics related stuff ), you may ask? Because comics are AWESOME!!!!!! I not only think that they`re awesome, but also:
-Think of them alot in general.
-Draw them.
-Buy them.
-Read them.
-Talk about them.
But I also want to make them for living! I have actually started to make them already years ago. Too bad that I suck at making comics. Yeah, of course I have good ideas (?) , and can draw a very humanized cat almost adeguately , but that`s it. I`m still gonna make `em anyway. And if you`ll behave good kids*, I may sometimes post a picture/comic/pictures here. If  and/or when I find out how to do so. Wrether you liked it or not.

Actually, when I think of it, there will not be just stuff about comics. There also will be blogging about movies, events, persons and other things that I have noticed. Or that I like or hate. Except that I can`t write about people who I hate, so I wont get sued. Besides, I don`t think I would want to.

So, back to comics again. If there is a comic story or book that I would want to review, I will review it here. Maybe once in the history of this blog, one of my reviews might be useful to some of you.
This blog will have things about my favorite characters, comic creators, and not only about superhero comics. I would actually guess that there will be very little bit of stuff about comics actually, `cause I dont read as much comics as, say  J. Caleb Mozocco from "Everyday is like wednesday"site. By the way, you should totally check it out, if you don`t mind of certain things that appear on the site**.

So, I dont really have anything else to write about now ( except the stuff at the end of the post, please read those too). Except this: PLEASE READ THIS BLOG!

Gosh, how many times did I write "stuff" to this post?

* Meaning that you don`t send any junk-mail/spam-mail, write cursewords to your comments to me, insult me or my family, send me too many comments ( I don`t have too much time to read them), send me computer-viruses or do anything utterly stupid or arrogant or evil to me. But I`m shure you wont.
** There isn´t anything bad on the side like: " I hate midle-east!" "Heil Hitler!" or "Terrorism is good." There aren`t. Really. Instead, you`ll find reviews of comics, pictures, nice comics he makes himself, and lots of other great stuff. But also sometimes swearwords. Not alot `though. But if you have solemnly made an oath of never reading a blog that has swearwords in it, you should adoid the site. But you`ll miss alot.    


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